Assembling Accessible Graduations


‘Tis the season for graduations, that much-revered ritual at educational institutions everywhere. The ceremonies taking place at high schools, colleges, and universities across the country in the coming weeks mark an important chapter in the lives of students and their families. As such, it’s important that everyone be able to share in the experience.

Providing captions at commencements gives access to anyone — and not just those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community — unable to hear the ceremony. It ensures that every speech, every name, and every remark receive their due on either the event’s display screen or audience members’ personal mobile devices.

Why Do It?

  • Captions are helpful to those who speak English as a second language.
  • Captions have been shown to increases retention and understanding, and can be an important reference for those more visual learners in the audience.
  • A recent study showed that a majority of students in the United States found captions help in the learning process.

How To Do It?

VITAC’s Event Center offerings provide the perfect solution for large ceremonies. We can connect to any large event center stream, add captions to your video, and even send captions directly to a dedicated URL that can be accessed via phones, tablets, or laptops.

Video of Captioning for Graduations

Captioning special events, like graduations, benefits everyone, and goes a long way to making sure the event is accessible to all. But don’t take our word for it, check out the video below to see for yourself.


Additionally, captions inside the classroom also make a difference with reports showing the captioned educational videos and course work promote higher retention rates and a better understanding of the material.

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