Are You Ready For Some Football?


Regular season football is right around the corner! We have been waiting for football to come back all year long and NFL pre-season games are now under way. The Hall of Fame football game concluded last week and we were able to get a taste of what the season ahead will be like, but there is still much football to be played before the 1st regular season NFL game on September 7 and 1st NCAA football game on August 26.

Our realtime captioners, production coordinators, and supervisors are already gearing up for the regular season, by putting together rosters, stats, and spelling confirmation lists of the thousands of players in the NCAA and NFL.

Football season is one of VITAC’s busiest times of the year and a lot of hard work and planning goes into captioning the games, but we wouldn’t want to change it for the world. Employees in the real time department say it is almost like an electrical feeling when captioning for the Saturday and Sunday football games.

Football teams need to have great chemistry and teamwork in order to be successful and the VITAC realtime department is the same way. Captioners, coordinators, supervisors, and schedulers all pull together to produce the highest quality captions, and flawless transition between games with no caption loss. This is the first year that VITAC’s two offices, both Canonsburg and Greenwood Village, will be working together to coordinate football schedules to make sure that quality and timeliness of captions is top priority to make games more accessible for viewers.