Advancing Accessibility: ‘Creating Corporate Captions’ Webinar Set for June 5

by: David Titmus

A growing number of companies have discovered that captioning their live and on-demand webcast meetings and webinars not only helps satisfy accessibility requirements, but is also essential for engaging employees and maximizing meeting productivity.

Advancing Accessibility logoWhether it be conference calls or video conferences, online meetings, training sessions, or group discussions, VITAC has developed a number of custom solutions to help our corporate clients ensure full participation and inclusion by all attendees.

The appeal of captions is universal. In addition to providing equal access to employees who are deaf or hard of hearing, captions have been shown to help viewers maintain concentration, become more engaged with the content, and better comprehend dialogue (especially when spoken quickly, with accents, or over noisy backgrounds).

VITAC’s “Creating Corporate Captions” webinar − hosted by Brittany Winland, VITAC’s Director of Marketing Communications, and featuring speaker James MacPherson, VITAC Inside Sales Manager − will be held on Wednesday, June 5, from 12 to 12:30 p.m. ET.

The discussion kicks off our “Advancing Accessibility” webinar series and will focus on, among other things:

  • The ease of using captioning;
  • The benefits of captioning in the corporate world; and
  • Real-life examples of how and what corporations are captioning.

Click here to register for webinar, and click the images below to view our previous webinars on stadium captioning, live captioning, offline captioning, and caption rules and regulations. Click here to read our white paper on the benefits of captioning in corporate environments.