Advancing Accessibility: Corporations and the Benefits of Captioned Content

by: David Titmus

A new VITAC white paper highlights some of the ways that our corporate accessibility solutions help businesses better communicate their messages, including those from a trio of Fortune 100 companies.

Advancing Accessibility logoVITAC offers a wide variety of accessibility services for domestic and international companies, including live and prerecorded captioning and transcription, live and prerecorded Spanish captioning and multi-language captioning and subtitling, audio description, and encoding. Our corporate customers include software manufacturers, big box retailers, international pharmaceutical companies, banking and financial institutions, and web services providers, just to name a few.

Though communication is critical in any business venture, it is also important that businesses speak to their entire audience.

As the country’s largest provider of closed captioning services, VITAC has developed a number of custom solutions to help all of our clients not only satisfy accessibility requirements but also ensure full participation and inclusion by all attendees for, among other things:

  • Conference calls
  • Online meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Group discussions, and
  • Video conferences & webinars.

Click here to read our white paper and learn more about how VITAC can help your company.