VITAC was incorporated in March 1986 and has continuously provided captioning services since. In 2017, VITAC acquired the business of Caption Colorado and the combined VITAC is now the largest captioning company in the country. While our size is notable, our people, capacity and technical expertise are our true differentiator. Our investment in our people, process, and technology are unmatched in the industry. No matter your size, question or concern, we will provide a solution.

Our service offerings are constantly evolving to keep up with the times. We offer captioning for TV, OTT, web video, stadiums, conference calls, and audio description for TV, museums and online video platforms.

We translate in over 50 languages and transcribe hundreds of hours per week. We provide secure encrypted captioning delivery and solutions. We have the staff and the skill – no matter your equation, we have the answer.

VITAC is a combination of vital and access, and we stand by our commitment to provide this vital access for our customers, while maintaining quality for our consumers.

We believe in “Accessibility for Life” as we strive to make accessible content standard.

Our ranks include 1,500 clients, captioning more than 580,000 live hours and 75,000 prerecorded programs per year.



No company has people more experienced in the development of captioning systems and techniques than VITAC.

Our team of the largest US-based employee captioner workforce means you will never sacrifice quick turnaround for quality. Our captioners are trained by us, tested by us, and warranted by us. Not only do we comply with the FCC’s caption quality best practices, we helped write them. 

Read about our executive team here. 

Like most successful businesses, we use metrics to track success, including uptime, which is time on-air with captions vs, disconnects or missed captions, and for offline captioning, on-time delivery. Both are tracked to the minute and both are measures of our success.

When you choose VITAC, you can rely on us knowing that you’ll receive the highest quality product with unmatched customer service. Whether you need live or prerecorded captioning, translation, subtitling, audio description, or all of the above, you can count on us.  Request a quote today.