5 Things You Don’t Know About Television Until You Caption It


by Johnathan Moore

1.  You will forever rate how difficult a show would be to caption.

The Kitchen, captioning, prerecordedFive excitable celebrity chefs talking in unison and switching places on screen? Bring it on.

2.  Your inner monologue will begin speaking in captions and sound effects.

dog barks, sunset, closed captions

Offline captioner DJ Shoemaker says, “I will never hear a phone ring without thinking [ Cellphone rings ].”
If you’ve ever waited tables, you’ll never see a restaurant the same way; after writing captions,
the world gets captioned.

3.  Sports commentators speak for literally every second of the game, and sound strikingly alike one another.FOX Sports Commentators

A lot of the commentary tends to fade into the background as you enjoy a game with friends. It becomes white noise, like the crowd. Start captioning and you’ll notice the sheer volume of facts, statistics, and history hidden within each game.

4.  You will flinch every time you or anyone else uses filler words.

Alaskan Bush People, stuttering, accents, closed captionsUnscripted speakers have a knack for run-on sentences, stuttering, changing their train of thought and, like, you know, um… After captioning, your self-editing and public speaking skills will be on point. Sometimes they even make up their own language.

5.  Judge Judith Scheindlin is the sassiest lady there is.

Judge Judy, Judith Scheindlin, Sassy, Shh, Shush, Closed Captions