VITAC to Provide Audio Description for Halloween Flick


In celebration of Halloween, VITAC will be providing audio description for a classic horror movie this fall. The aim of this project is to revive a long-lost horror flick for the Halloween season and bring awareness to an important, federally mandated service: audio description.

Audio description, sometimes called “video description,” is a service for blind and low-vision audiences in which a professional voice actor narrates a carefully scripted account of important on-screen events, so that the content is accessible to all people. You can access the audio description on select shows by pressing the SAP button on your remote, or by selecting SAP in your satellite menu (the audio description track may be accessible by selecting “Spanish” in some cases).

The audio-described flick is a modern tradition at VITAC. Last year, we described an episode of Popeye, and in 2011, the 1963 cult classic, Carnival of Souls. In 2010, we described George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, as well. We can’t say what we’ll be describing this year, but we will give you some cryptic hints about the featured audio described film:

  • It is a silent movie
  • It was filmed in Germany
  • All copies of this movie were ordered by a court to be destroyed — it is a miracle it survived!

Tune in soon for the big reveal!