VITAC Stands Up to Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy was merciless to the East Coast. As the so-called “Frankenstorm” pummeled New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC — surrounding states felt the storm’s rath.

Even with our headquarters in Canonsburg, PA — 20 miles south of Pittsburgh and close to 400 miles from where Sandy made landfall — we braced ourselves for the worst. Every department prepared for the storm to ensure our 24/7/365 facilities were uninterupted.

SYSTEMS — Knowing the office would face high-speed winds and historic rainfall, our Systems team set up countless back-up measures to ensure our services weren’t interuppted. Tim Keane, SOMETHING SOMETHING put together a network hotspot so production could access client files — even if the main network went out.

All of this careful planning allowed VITAC to provide around-the-clock emergency coverage for The Weather Channel and local news stations around the country. As the Sandy continues to make it’s course, VITAC will provide English and Spanish captions where you need them most. Yesterday we provided over 250 hours of captioning coverage — today over 300.