VITAC Partner Wins Prestigious Award for Audio Description


American Council of the Blind LogoIn addition to providing over 57,000 hours of offline and 220,000 hours of realtime captioning every year, VITAC offers a little known — yet federally mandated — service called audio description. Also known as “video description,” audio description involves a narrator describing significant on-screen action in a given program so that low-vision and blind audiences can enjoy the same content as seeing viewers. Think of it as closed captions for the blind, rather than the Deaf and hard of hearing.

VITAC works hand-in-hand with one of the best audio description producers in the country — Audio Eyes, LLC — to produce premium description for some of the most popular content on TV! (Which shows, you ask? Check ’em out here.) Just announced — the American Council of the Blind‘s Audio Description Project has awarded Audio Eyes’ President, Rick Boggs, a 2013 Achievement in Audio Description Award. More specifically, a Barry Levine Memorial Award for Career Achievement in Audio Description! Congrats, Rick!

Rick has spent his career recording sound and music, advocating accessible media, and leading/founding companies that do both of those things! His contributions have not gone unnoticed — mandates for video description on about four hours of programming a week for the top 25 broadcast TV markets have been in effect for a year. To learn more about audio description and Audio Eyes, LLC, please visit their website.