VITAC: As Seen in the Post Gazette


VITAC‘s friend, Rob Owen at the Post Gazette mentioned us in an article explaining closed captioning to his readers. One reader inquired:

“How does the closed captioning work? Is it computer generated or human?  I picture people frantically typing while the speaking takes place. That would explain the misspelled words and text-like spellings. I have been wondering about this but hesitated in asking for fear the answer would emphasize my tech ignorance.”

That said, caption problems are not always the fault of the captioner. Captions are delivered through many links until they reach the viewers home (network, cable, set-top box, TV). There are many potential fault points along the captioning delivery path. The FCC requires that all MVPDs (cable, satellite, fios, etc) and broadcast networks provide a captioning complaint name, email address and number. They also regulate strict timeframes for response to viewer complaints. Viewers who receive their signal over the air may contact the station directly (type the station call letters into Google, for example). Viewers who receive their signal via cable, satellite or fios can find the number on their monthly bill.

For more information, read Rob’s informative article!