The Human Art of Captioning

by: David Titmus

For some, closed captions are simply those words that flow across the bottom of televisions that describe the on-screen dialogue and action. But for nearly 50 million Americans in the deaf and hard of hearing community, captions are so much … Read More

Vice Media: Find Your Tribe, Tell Your Story, and I’ll Caption It.


by Sarah McPartland, Senior Offline Captioner ©   The road to becoming an Offline Captioner is somewhat like going back to school. You spend roughly four to six weeks perfecting your writing skills, add math into the mix at some point, … Read More

5 Things You Don’t Know About Television Until You Caption It


by Johnathan Moore 1.  You will forever rate how difficult a show would be to caption. Five excitable celebrity chefs talking in unison and switching places on screen? Bring it on. 2.  Your inner monologue will begin speaking in captions … Read More

VITAC Behind the Scenes: Senior Offline Captioner Todd Osleger


Behind the Scenes with Senior Offline Captioner Todd Osleger   In the closed captioning industry and at VITAC, there is always something happening Behind the Scenes! This week, on the heels of our look into our Systems Support Specialist, David Rosales‘s day to … Read More

VITAC’s Offline Department: Spelling Confirmation Specialists


Our offline department captions over 57,000 prerecorded programs per year for countless networks, independent producers, and web series. With so many different proper names, terms, and places, our offline captioners have their plates full with keeping track of it all. … Read More