Thanks to our hundreds of native speakers with fluency in over 45 languages, your words will travel anywhere in the world. Our team of translators, multilingual quality-control specialists, and project managers make sure the message comes through in the translation. We comprehend idioms and cultural references deeply enough to convey their meanings to distinctly different audiences, from filmgoers in China, to office workers in Russia, or television viewers in the Philippines. We understand the importance of culturally sensitive translation, kein Wenn und Aber! (”No ifs, ands, or buts!”)

Our slate of languages and dialects keeps growing. If you don’t see the one your audience needs, contact us, and let’s talk about it today. It’s a small world, after all!


When you need transcripts, count on VITAC. We’ll turn any tape or digital format — audio or video — into a verbatim transcript and email it back to you in as little as 24 hours. Nobody creates these faster or more accurately:

  • Captioning-related Transcripts: realtime or offline, with or without timecode, as-written or edited, delivered in any format you request.
  • As-Broadcast Scripts: network-requested scripts created by VITAC from scratch or from a caption file, letter-perfect to your specifications.
  • Continuity Lists: industry-standard, extremely detailed postproduction scripts – we do not miss a camera angle, sound effect, or shot change.
  • General Transcription: For editing, dubbing, publications, Section 508 compliance, and a multitude of other purposes, count on VITAC.