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Whether a television broadcast, DVD, or film, extend accessible programming to your blind and visually impaired audience. Count on VITAC’s audio-description team to narrate what's taking place onscreen without disrupting the program's primary soundtrack or distracting the audience.

Our three-step process produces a description track to match your production values using a specially trained writer, a professional narrator, and audio engineers. Our quality-control team reviews the final product for completeness and clarity.

Looking for an online solution? We can help you add a second audio track for spoken description to nearly any online video, facilitating access via most browsers. Ask your VITAC representative about our web description solutions.


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“A rose by any other name...” Captions in the United States are actually called subtitles in other parts of the English-speaking world, but to VITAC it is all about excellence.

We have the same expertise, quality and commitment to satisfaction whether we are producing captions in the US or subtitles in the UK or Australia.

VITAC has developed software that produces files for the different technical standards in the UK and Australia. We understand the differences in format and colourization, and the nuances in the English language.

We can deliver live subtitles to Melbourne, Australia, or Melbourne, England, as easily as we can to Melborne, Florida, and we produce pre-recorded subtitles that meet the most exacting international standards - even in the new digital world. Curious? Contact us for more information.

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