Multilanguage Subtitling

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It's just not the words, it's the cultures! Creating great subtitles is more than just translating one word after another. It's the art of adapting the references and idioms of one culture so they make sense to an audience who's living in another.

VITAC’s multilanguage team has translated and subtitled thousands of programs for studios, networks, government agencies, producers, and corporations--providing 15 or more languages for a single production.

Our translators are native speakers who are fluent in English, comfortable with idioms of American popular culture, and tested rigorously for mastery of cross-cultural knowledge and references. Like everyone at VITAC, they appreciate the value of total accuracy, fast turnaround, security, and customer service.

Our slate of over 45 languages keeps growing. If you don't see the one your audience needs, contact us, and let's talk about it today.

English Subtitling

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Producers are more often turning to VITAC’s expert captioners for English-language subtitles. Choosing subtitles instead of captions is often the only choice in the DVD world, where Blu-ray players and HDMI cables do not pass through caption data. And customers rely on VITAC to subtitle films for international festivals or to meet Section 508 compliance.

English subtitles are presented as graphics files for your individual authoring system, encoded to your videotape or formatted as web files. Created by specially trained subtitling specialists, the two most common styles are:

  • ESL, or English as a Second Language subtitles
  • SDH, or Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Let us be your one-stop resource for making anything on video accessible to any audience. Contact us.

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