Spanish Realtime Captions

RealtimeWatch Spanish Realtime Video

VITAC has been delivering quality Spanish captioning since 1986, and we are ready to help our Spanish-language customers meet the FCC’s caption quality best practices, which are now in effect.

As with English, our Spanish-language captioners are supported by a team of engineers and production coordinators, all working to create the best possible captions and make your job easier.

Spanish Audio to Spanish Captions: VITAC captions any live Spanish program in Spanish including sporting events and newscasts. Our Spanish-language captioners listen to Spanish audio and create captions in realtime. Customers include CNN Español, Fox Deportes, Telemundo and local Telemundo affiliates.

English Audio to Spanish Captions: VITAC offers realtime Spanish captioning for English audio programming. A translator listens to English audio and speaks to one of our Spanish realtime captioners and the captions are created. We provide this type of captioning for The Today Show.

Spanish Audio to English Captions: A translator listens to Spanish audio and speaks in English to a realtime captioner who captions in English. See an example of this on La Voz Kids on Telemundo.

Simultaneous English and Spanish Captions: We also offer simultaneous English and Spanish captions for shows broadcast in either language, via CC1 and CC3 caption fields. Both languages may be routed in a single stream to one encoder, also known as muxing, or to multiple encoders. See an example of our English and Spanish captions on Sunday Night Football.

Pre-recorded Spanish Solutions

OfflinePlayWatch Spanish Pre-recorded Captioning and Subtitles

VITAC offers our customers high-quality Spanish translation, transcription, dubbing, captioning, and/or subtitling created by in-house Spanish-language experts with an eye for detail and an ear for accuracy.

Spanish Audio with Spanish Captions/Subtitles: VITAC’s Spanish captioning department captions hundreds of hours of Spanish-language programming each month, using the same systems and processes as English. Pre-recorded clients include Discovery en Español, Home Depot and The Voice.

Other Language Audio to Spanish Captions/Subtitles: We also translate any language into Spanish captions or subtitles, and Spanish into any other language, making use of our extensive network of language experts to ensure flawless translation and formatting.

Spanish Audio Dubbing/SAP: Spanish Audio Dubbing, often referred to as Secondary Audio Programming or SAP, is the creation of a Spanish track for English-language programming, often provided in conjunction with captions. VITAC translates your video’s master audio and records a Spanish voiceover using professional narrators. The track is mixed, mastered, and timed flawlessly with the programming. Contact us for samples.

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