Spanish Realtime Captions

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VITAC has been delivering quality Spanish captioning since 1986, and we are ready to help our Spanish-language customers meet the FCC’s Spanish closed captioning benchmark of 100% as of January 1, 2010.

Whether it’s realtime Spanish captions for Spanish-audio programming, Spanish captions translated from English-audio programming, or simultaneous English and Spanish captions, you can trust VITAC to be your realtime Spanish captioning resource.

As with English, our Spanish-language captioners are supported by a team of engineers and production coordinators, all working to create the best possible captions and make your job easier.

Offline Spanish Captions and Subtitles

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VITAC offers our customers high-quality Spanish translation, transcription, captioning, and/or subtitling in any dialect, created by in-house Spanish-language experts with an eye for detail and an ear for accuracy.

Count on VITAC for all of your prerecorded Spanish captioning needs, including:

  • Spanish captions for Spanish-audio programming.
  • Spanish subtitles in many dialects, including Latin American and Castilian.
  • Web files and encoding for your Spanish-language events
  • Spanish translation with captions or subtitles created for English-language programming.
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