Realtime (Live and Near-Live)
Web and IP Captioning

Realtime Web Captioning Video

Accessibility doesn’t have to suffer when video meets the Internet. VITAC makes captioning web-based content as simple as broadcast captioning and offers many creative solutions for new IP Captioning Mandates.

We can help you pick the solution that enables your whole audience to access your live webcast. Our live web captioning solution may be customized to work with a proprietary solution or integrated into existing providers, including WebEx™, Adobe Connect Pro™, Google Hangout™ or Sonic Foundry™ streaming.

VITAC is the only captioning company to offer tailored-made, secure Internet Protocol (IP) captioning solutions using the latest in endpoint equipment and encryption schemas. We have worked closely for many years with many encoder manufacturers to fine-tune captioning interfaces for both serial/POTS and IP. We have also worked at length with serial server developers to design specific protocols that work in the world of captioning. Contact us to learn more about live captioning delivered via IP.

Is your live-captioned program distributed via IP after air? VITAC now offers two solutions for near-instant web-ready files to match your video.

  • IP-Ready Files are timed files which match the original event exactly, delivered within four hours of captioning.
  • Enhanced IP-Ready Files are edited to match your IP video exactly, with commercial breaks removed, and delivered within four hours of receiving your proxy video.

Common file formats include SRT, SBV, SMI, SMPTE TT, XML, SCC and CAP.

Download our Live and Near-Live Solutions Handout.

Unsure how new legislation affects your programming? Follow our IP-Captioning Flowchart.

Offline Captioning for
Web and IP-delivered Video

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Watch Prerecorded Web Captioned Videos

VITAC’s caption experts, systems and engineering teams have long been responsible for state-of-the-art solutions for web-based video. We’ve expanded our expertise to accommodate recent legislation, ensuring our customers never sacrifice quality accessibility for a quick turnaround.

Captioned web video is:

  • Accessible: Captions expand your audience - your captioned video reaches people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or in a quiet environment - and satisfy Section 508 and ADA requirements.
  • Searchable: Accurate VITAC captions will connect people with your video and improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.
  • Clear: Accurate captions clarify your message – bad audio doesn’t matter if you have good captions.

VITAC has all of the answers for captioning and full encoding services - whether your video is a ten-hour seminar or a two-minute music video, or delivered via YouTube, ITunes or a proprietary web-player. Contact us today.

Is your captioned video now being shown via IP – that is, on-demand, on your website, ITunes™ or Netflix™? New regulations require this video be captioned in all of the above formats, and more. At VITAC, we’ve developed proprietary solutions to easily conform our caption files to multiple deliverables and formats – from commercial removal to edited content, from frame rate changes to multi-platform delivery.

Unsure what programming must be captioned and by when? Visit our IP-Captioning Flowchart.

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