Once your captions are perfect, you need to marry them to the captioned master. VITAC’s in-house encode facility offers flawless, worry-free encoding to nearly every videotape format, with the most HD encoding solutions in the industry. Our specialties...

  • HDCam
  • HDCam SR
  • D5 HD
  • DVCPro HD
  • Digital Beta
  • Beta SP
  • DVCam
  • Mini DV
  • DVD
  • DVCPro

Don’t have a tape? Send us your SD or HD video on a hard drive. We’ll output to tape and create a captioned master to meet your needs.

More questions? We’ve got answers. Contact us!

Digital Media

VITAC leads the way in offering new media transcoding and encoding solutions. Our investment in technology and partnership means you need only ask – we will provide any solution. Need us to:

  • Encode MPG2 with captions for on-demand programming?
  • Transcode an HDCam master to FLV with closed captions?
  • Create tape, DVD, and closed-captioned WMV for one program?
  • Add bars/tones/slate and run technical evaluations?
  • Loan you a caption encoder for a live event?

No problem for any of the above and many others! Test us - give us a call, and we’ll give you peace of mind.