Broadcast Captioning [Realtime]

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For live programming, VITAC’s professionals keep up the pace. They give you the most reliable realtime captioning in the industry (99.9% uptime) at a level of quality that’s earned VITAC exclusive captioning agreements with all major video providers.

We caption more than 170,000 hours of live TV per year. How do we do it? Our team:

  • Realtime captioners – the country’s best, all employees using standardized VITAC equipment to create and transmit near-perfect captions.
  • Engineering and systems experts - need us to pick up a signal from Japan? Caption to eighteen encoders at once? Deliver captions via IP? These guys have done it and will do the same for you.
  • Production coordinators: specially trained realtime experts available 24/7/365 to ensure flawless caption delivery and service.

Got a question? You can speak to an expert in our realtime captioning department 24/7/365. Ready to caption? Contact us.

Broadcast Captioning [Offline]

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When it comes to prerecorded programming, there’s not a format or turnaround request we haven’t delivered (99.9% on-time delivery).

We know what your network or customer needs – be it a caption file, D5 HD or downconverted anamorphic Digital Beta or any of a hundred more deliverables.

Last year, VITAC’s offline captioning department delivered over 35,000 caption assets to government agencies, corporations, individual producers, studios, and just about every television network: from A&E to FSN, NBC to The Weather Channel. Ask us - we’ll know what you need and provide it with our acclaimed capacity, turnaround, and accuracy.

Format and Style

When you send us your project, we’ll ask you what format you’d like to send and receive and also what style of captioning you’d prefer. See our examples above and let us know what you need.

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