Audio Description

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Whether a television broadcast, DVD, or film, extend accessible programming to your blind and visually impaired audience. Count on VITAC’s audio-description team to narrate what's taking place onscreen without disrupting the program's primary soundtrack or distracting the audience.

Our three-step process produces a description track to match your production values using a specially trained writer, a professional narrator, and audio engineers. Our quality-control team reviews the final product for completeness and clarity.

Looking for an online solution? We can help you add a second audio track for spoken description to nearly any online video, facilitating access via most browsers. Ask your VITAC representative about our web description solutions.

Enterprise Captioning

Communication is critical to any business venture. VITAC offers a wide range of service for national and international enterprises, from live-captioning conferences to translating corporate communications, to captioning web meetings. All within a budget you can afford.

Please click on the PDF links below for more detailed information about each service:

  • Conference Captioning: Having your conference or company meeting live-captioned by a trained stenographer is a great way to enhance audience comprehension and add a visual element that will keep your audience engaged.
  • Global Reach Subtitling: More than ever, corporations are using multimedia for internal communications. VITAC will translate and subtitle your executive address, employee training videos, and even PowerPoint presentations, localizing the content for the intended audiences. Please call for details.
  • Web Captioning: Whether your enterprise prefers Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Mediasite® or Webex, a live-captioned meeting accompanied by a realtime transcript of events is a great way to maximize efficiency.

Please call for details.

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