Audio description, often called video description, makes your content accessible to people who are blind or low-vision.  VITAC’s audio description experts, with over 20 years’ experience, provide this service to national networks, government agencies, and video producers.

The FCC requires video description be provided by the top 5 broadcast networks and top 5 non-broadcast networks.  Section 508 requires government video to be described. VITAC provides this service to both producers and networks, offering:

  • Professionally trained script writers: All audio description scripts are written by professionals with years of experience in the industry.
  • Voice talent suited to the video, consistent through series.
  • Engineering and QC by both blind and sighted description experts: Once the professional voice track is recorded, it is then mixed by a team of professional audio engineers, checked and double-checked by both sighted and blind professionals for completeness and clarity.
  • All work created by people, not automation software.

See our sample below, created with the help of VITAC partner Audio Description Associates, LLC.

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