Movin’ on Down: VITAC is Expanding!


Office SpaceCall it “Movin’ on Down” — in an unprecedented maneuver, the Systems and Engineering Department in our Canonsburg, PA, headquarters has relocated from the second floor to the ground floor, carting computer hardware, blueprints, and manuals into our newly-acquired office space beside Finance and Accounting. Did they leave because we, the second floor employees, fiddle with our clicky pens all day and roll our squeaky chairs back and forth? Or is it due to the three Tims’ (of Systems and Engineering fame) crippling fear of heights they encountered, working 20 whole feet above ground level? Perhaps they just wanted to be within viewing distance of their darlings, the 15 satellites that make up our dish farm and can pick up any channel in the world.first-floor kitchen

None of these are accurate. The exodus from the second floor is the result of VITAC bursting at the seams with new and existing work, and the understanding that we are only going to grow more! The move will be especially beneficial to our Multilanguage Services Department, where MLS Captioners John Podgursky and Patty Andres-Sanmartin previously had a time-share on their captioning equipment, in a small office also occupied by MLS Coordinator Dan Garbark. MLS Pittsburgh will be moving into the old systems offices, leaving a little more elbow room for all, and even more room for future expansion!

Editor’s note: we haven’t totally ruled out the possibility that Systems and Engineering just wanted to be closer to their satellite dishes.