Just Call on VITAC When You Need A Hand


VITAC prides itself in offering a full range of accessibility features for a variety of events. Whether you have a YouTube video or a broadcast series, a live event or a music video, we have a full range of services to make your piece accessible.

Here at VITAC, the accesibility services are as important as the people who use them. We love hearing from the public; compliments, concerns, questions, and critques. Your feedback helps us provide the high-quality services you rely on.

While spring (well, almost-summer) cleaning, we came across an old thank-you letter from a viewer addressed to our HR department care of our Engineering all-star and all around great guy, Tim Taylor. Dated 2004, the letter expresses a viewer’s gratitude to Tim for sending her an encoder and to the company for providing our valuable service.

VITAC’s tradition of listening to our users is still alive, so please send us your feedback. Email us at marketing@vitac.com or call us at 724-514-4078.