Introducing VITAC’s Media Encoding Suite


It is no surprise that VITAC and its services are growing exponentially. As the largest captioning company in the world, there are few captioning services VITAC has not perormed at least once in its 27-year history. At restaurants, in the gym, or on your home computer screen, it would be difficult to not encounter a VITAC caption somewhere in your daily routine.

Enter the Media Encoding Suite, VITAC’s central command for file transcoding. Nearly every prerecorded file that VITAC receives enters and leaves through our encoding suite, whether the client is in need of offline captions, subtitles, or translation into 45+ languages. The most basic function of the Media Encoding Suite is to transfer a client’s video file into a file that is compatible with our proprietary captioning software. After a captioner transcribes the file, times  the captions, and places them on the screen to avoid graphics, the file is reviewed and then returns to the Media Encoding Suite, where the encoding specialists format it into something that can air on TV or the web.

The celebrities of the facility are Chuck and Randy, whose fingerprints end up on nearly every deliverable, be it HDCAM, MXF, or video cassette. The transcoding wizards handle thousands of hours of footage each month, in addition to providing a wide range of miscellaneous tech-support services that VITAC requires on a daily basis.

Please enjoy a tour of VITAC’s new Media Encoding Suite: