House of Cards with VITAC Captioning


On February 1st, Netflix released a good chunk of its original series, House of Cards. Its captioning company — VITAC!

A little bit about the show — imagine the 8th season of The West Wing, but instead of a hopeful, partriotic Aaron Sorkin (who created that series but left after the fourth season) behind the wheel, it is an angry, vengeful Aaron Sorkin, who creates conniving, manipulative, fantastic characters. But it is still Aaron Sorkin! (He does not actually write the series — the point is, the writing is excellent.) It is slower-paced than its Beltway predecessor and more soap opera than civics lesson, but incredibly entertaining. You can read a review of it here.

Kevin Spacey is a jilted politician out for revenge after being passed over for Secretary of State. His monotonal voice and overall performance are simply chilling. In a good way! The show is still young, but reviews have been good. If you have Netflix for streaming, that is the only way to watch it. And if you do watch it, turn on your VITAC captions!