Finding Closed Captions on YouTube


How to use YouTube’s new captioning features

Earlier this month, YouTube unveiled new features for closed captioning. These additions will make it easier to find and search closed captioned videos, expand your audience (with speech-to-text captions for English, Korean and Japanese), and translations for over 155 languages.

To find videos with closed captions, enter “, cc” into your YouTube query. So if you’re searching for a captioned version of Kony 2012, you’d search “Kony 2012, cc”. Note that in the results below, the gray “CC” square below the description means that it has closed captioning.







To play the video with captions, click the video and then select the red “cc” button in the lower right corner of the screen. Select the file of your choice. “Transcribe audio” uses YouTube’s voice recognition technology to create a transcript — available in English, Korean, and Japanese. “Translate Captions” will use YouTube’s technology to translate provided closed captions into one of their 155 languages. The remaining options — in this example “Spanish” and “English” — represent caption files uploaded by the video’s owner. In this case, Invisible Children uploaded VITAC’s Spanish and English files to YouTube.

To help you see the captions more clearly (or have them match your outfit), change the font and color. To do so, Click the red “cc” box and select “Settings.” Select the font, background and foreground color of your choice. Now sit back and enjoy!