Uploading Your file:

While some of our customers rely on Dropbox, API, or Custom Workflow solutions, most deliver low-resolution video or proxy files to us for captioning. Delivery options include:

  • Upload a digital video to your FTP site and give us the login information.
  • Transfer your video to us via Aspera. Don’t have Aspera? Don’t worry.  VITAC has Aspera connections we can provide you.
  • Send us a link to the video posted under your account on a file-sharing site like Box or Hightail.
  • Upload a digital video to VITAC’s secure and encrypted FTP site either through our website or an FTP client such as FileZilla. Contact our client services team for login information.

Once you receive login information, you may upload your video through an FTP client such as FileZilla, or via our website below.

Need to send us a video, but not sure of the formats we accept? Download our full list of proxy video specifications. Need captions encoded to your video, and need a printable list of what we deliver? Download our list of encoded video specifications.