VITAC is a full-service captioning company, dedicated to customer service and committed to meeting the needs of our clients. We customize our service and deliverables to meet your needs, and offer solutions to make accessible media a worry-free addition to any program.

Know what you’re looking for?  Fill out our Request a Quote form or give us a call. Our client sales and services department, 724-514-4077, is staffed M-F, 7a-2a EST.

Below we’ve outlined some common questions we’ll ask to ensure you get the most accurate and affordable price quote.  Don’t know the answers?  Don’t worry. Our experts are prepared with advice and solutions.

When Ordering Prerecorded Solutions:

  • How long is your video?
  • If it’s a series, how many episodes?
  • What language is your video, and what language will the captions/subtitles be in? VITAC’s Multi-language Services department offers captions in Spanish and over 100 additional languages.
  • What style of captioning do you prefer? Note that many networks and online streaming companies have very specific style and formatting requirements.
  • Do you need your captions encoded to a video? Some stations prefer to receive MPG files with embedded captions. Others request tapes or DVDs.  Most online providers require only a caption file.  See our complete list of deliverables and file formats.
  • What is your turnaround? Our standard turnaround is three business days, but we offer quick turnaround solutions for most customers, often at no additional charge.
  • How will you deliver your files to us? If you need a caption file only, you can upload a low-resolution proxy file to our FTP site, or we can pull from yours. If you’re working with large broadcast quality files, no worries!  Our Aspera server solutions and large bandwidth will allow you to send the video in record time. Shipping is also always an option.
  • Where do we need to send the final caption file or video?  We can upload direct to your distributor, and have custom solutions in place with organizations like Encompass, Netflix®, iTunes®, and most networks.

When Ordering Live/Realtime Solutions:

  • What is your schedule (days, start time, end times)?
  • What network or platform will your program air on?
  • Where will we send our captions? Do you have an encoder, or a web or IP connection? Both? Our systems and engineering department is prepared to consult with you and work with your connections to provide the best possible solution.
  • Can we see your program or event?
  • How will we receive your signal? Satellite? Audio line?  Web or IP stream?
  • When can we test? Our team will make sure everything is ready and working well in advance of your first airing of your program or event.