Why Your Company Should be Captioning its Video Content


In the digital age, content is king. YouTube alone generates 72 hours of new video every minute, and captioned video should be the first weapon in the corporate arsenal to cut through the noise and reach your audience. Captioned videos allow web crawlers to index the transcripts, thereby boosting SEO … Read More

Vice Media: Find Your Tribe, Tell Your Story, and I’ll Caption It.

by: Sarah McPartland

by Sarah McPartland, Senior Offline Captioner ©   The road to becoming an Offline Captioner is somewhat like going back to school. You spend roughly four to six weeks perfecting your writing skills, add math into the mix at some point, then become a pro once you’ve researched and verified some … Read More

5 Things You Don’t Know About Television Until You Caption It


by Johnathan Moore 1.  You will forever rate how difficult a show would be to caption. Five excitable celebrity chefs talking in unison and switching places on screen? Bring it on. 2.  Your inner monologue will begin speaking in captions and sound effects. Offline captioner DJ Shoemaker says, “I will … Read More

Live Election Captioning Coverage


Presidential Election Season Adds Hundreds of Hours to Realtime Department Schedule Not only is it the VITAC realtime department’s busy Fall season, captioning many hours of NFL and college football and NHL hockey across various networks, but another type of season added hundreds of hours of live captioning coverage to our … Read More

What It Takes to Caption Music: Thoughts In Wake of Lawsuit Over Lyrics Captioning


To follow up on a previous blog on this case, courts recently sided with Hollywood studios over a lawsuit with the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing concerning the lack of song-lyric captions, leaving caption content at the studios’ discretion. “From the description of both parties, … Read More

Offline Hurdles: The Power of Briefs


Autocorrecting Your Way to a Smarter Workflow Yelling frustrations into smartphones has become an almost daily part of life. As we hurriedly zip out texts, this function has the tendency to take the reins and skew meaning in annoying, sometimes hilarious, ways. By taking control of this system, offline captioners … Read More

Offline Hurdles: The Captioned Puzzle


Clarity, Accuracy, and Timing in Accessible Programming There are a few different styles in which television is captioned, each with its own merits and flaws, but the four pillars of closed captioning are as follows: Accuracy: Captioning shall match the spoken words (or song lyrics when provided on the audio … Read More

VITAC’s Realtime Captioners and Coordinators: Golden


As the Olympics Wind Down, We Thank our Realtime Department Our last post focused on VITAC’s preparation for captioning the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, nearly doubling our daily volume across at least seven different NBC Universal-owned networks, five live Multi-Distribution System feeds, and multiple web channels. The games come to an end … Read More