Realtime Seminars

Realtime Writing and Broadcast Captioning Seminar

A realtime captioning “boot camp” can sharpen your competitive edge when you’re ready to apply for a job in captioning.


We present the VITAC boot camp twice a year, in partnership with Stark State College of Technology in Canton, Ohio. This three-day seminar, led by experienced captioner and industry leader Amy Bowlen at the Stark State campus, provides:

  • 8 hours of intensive realtime writing instruction
  • 16 hours of concentrated instruction in captioning technology
  • Comprehensive guidelines for research, preparation, and style
  • 2 CEU credits, if desired

You’ll have the chance to build your skills in:

  • Realtime writing for broadcasting
  • Dictionary development
  • Dictionary management
  • Broadcast technology
  • Caption format
  • Speaker IDs
  • Descriptors
  • Forcing and blanking
  • Sending credits
  • Music captioning
  • Research and preparation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Equipment ... and many more critical areas.

Course Materials

  • “Realtime Captioning…the VITAC Way,” by Amy Bowlen & Kathy DiLorenzo. To order
  • “The Caption Accelerator,” by Teresa R. Gaudet, CSR, CRI, CPE. To order


Register early — classes are limited to 18 students. Total seminar cost is $450.00. For more details and online registration, visit the Stark State seminar page or email Julie Hardgrove of the Stark Office of Administrative Information Technology.

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Realtime Opportunities
[In-House and Remote]

Now Hiring!
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Realtime Captioner Jobs: Opportunities

Are you a skilled realtime reporter with a consistently high translation rate and the dictionary range to support translation of broadcast TV material?

Have you trained - in workshops or boot camps - for realtime captioning?

Are you now captioning as an independent contractor or employee, but looking for consistent, high-profile work for major program suppliers?

Would you like to join an industry-leading captioning company that promotes personal and team growth?

Then you should know that VITAC employs realtime captioners in these positions:

  • Remote Captioner, Schedule Universal (SU)
    Remote captioners (SU) work variable schedules, off-site, that combine 15-hour/week programming blocks with additional hours chosen by themselves.
  • In-house Captioner
    In-house captioners work at VITAC's Pittsburgh (Canonsburg, PA) headquarters. Their variable schedules combine 15-hour/week programming blocks with additional hours chosen by themselves.

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To apply, send your résumé and cover letter, with an unedited, first-run file of one of these news programs:

  • ABC World News Tonight
  • CBS Evening News
  • NBC Nightly News

in .txt format to

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