Caption Sponsorship — the Newest Frontier in Advertising


Caption sponsorship is an innovative and affordable way to get your message to the millions of Americans who watch captions on TV every day. Select a program for sponsorship, and your message will appear in the captions right before or right after a commercial break once every hour. Research shows that caption viewers pay attention to and develop brand loyalty to companies that sponsor captioning.

Hint: Sponsorship is especially good for sporting events that are watched in high-noise environments, like sports bars and restaurants, often with the captions on! Perfect for the ongoing and upcoming sports seasons!

Who watches the captions?

  • 36 million deaf or hard-of-hearing Americans who rely on captions
  • 40 million people who belong to health clubs
  • 7.6 million people learning English as a second language who use captions to improve their vocabulary
  • Millions watching captioned TV in sports bars, airports, and other venues
  • Service members — Hearing loss is the most prevalent injury among recent veterans; 150,000 new cases reported by the VA in 2011.

Consider how many people you could reach through caption sponsorship, and at a fraction of the cost of a regular broadcast TV ad! Prices range from $900-$1200 per broadcast.