Karla Ray

Realtime Captioner Trainer--Karla Ray

Karla Ray joined VITAC in October of 2002 as a Realtime Captioner. In June of 2016 she was promoted to Realtime Captioner Trainer and is responsible for preparing each new Realtime Captioner for air.

She loves the teamwork and flexibility involved in her role at VITAC and appreciates the ability to work from home as a remote employee.  It gives her a great sense of pride to work for the best captioning company in the industry.

Karla holds certifications as a Certified Realtime Captioner, Certified Realtime Reporter, Registered Merit Reporter, and an Iowa Certified Shorthand Reporter.  She is a director on the Iowa Court Reporters Association Board, and also helps to recruit students for the Realtime Reporting program at Des Moines Area Community College – Newton.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending her kids’ sporting events, traveling to new places, and swimming with her family in their pool.