Franco Bonacchi

Franco Bonacchi oversees scheduling, monitoring, and billing production for VITAC’s largest customers and can often be found working late into the night to accommodate client requests.  As Assistant Manager of our Client Sales and Services department, he trains new coordinators, develops captioning solutions for new customers, and tracks and reports on customer service metrics.   His department is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the nearly 60,000 offline files created every year, and scheduling much of our realtime work. He’s been with VITAC since 1994 and was our first Sports Coordinator, maintaining constantly changing sports schedules and ensuring the captioning of all sports programming.  He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in English Writing.

Franco likes being able to solve customer problems, and takes pride when he sees our captions on TV.

Franco is an avid runner, enjoys biking, and is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.