Debbie Hammond

Debbie Hammond leads our Client Sales and Services department, a team of 18 Client Sales and Services Representatives and Traffic Coordinators, and is responsible for all aspects of the customer experience, from solutions development to order acknowledgement, caption creation to file delivery.   She’s known for her attention to detail and ability to quickly and confidently assess a situation, usually solving problems before they occur.  She’s deeply involved in VITAC’s development efforts, including envisioning and documenting needs for new software through testing and roll-out, for the company’s proprietary order tracking and realtime and offline scheduling systems.   Debbie joined VITAC in 2001 and her long captioning industry experience gives her special insight into the needs of our customers.   She graduated magna cum laude from California University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Radio and TV Communication and a minor in Theater.

The best parts of her job, she says, are her co-workers and the knowledge that her efforts help the 30-40 million Americans who rely on captioning.

A fan of musical theater, Debbie is a long-time season ticket holder and can be found sitting front row center for performances of every Pittsburgh CLO production at the Benedum Center.  Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and cherishes adventures with her son, Merrick.