Chuck Karlovits

Chuck Karlovits joined VITAC in 1990 and has led our finance, administration, live, and prerecorded departments.  As COO, he now leads all operations – live, offline, and Multilanguage subtitling. He’s recognized for guidance during this period of massive cultural and technological change in the industry.   In his tenure, he’s seen our realtime and offline businesses grow exponentially, year after year. In addition to day-to-day management, Chuck is deeply involved in the development of new products and efficiencies, budgeting, scheduling, and the creation of technical solutions to complex situations. Prior to joining VITAC, he served as office manager for Block Court Reporting.  Chuck holds master’s degrees in Management Information Systems and Business Administration from Duquesne University, and a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Dayton.  Chuck has been on the Board of Directors of Hearing and Deaf Services since 2004, and has served as its Treasurer and on its Executive Committee.

Chuck is a devout Pittsburgh Steeler and Penguin fan.  In his free time, Chuck can be found wetting a line on the water, fishing for any species, and is a model railroading enthusiast.