Closed Captioning Trivia!

Everyone knows that captioning is federally mandated for programming on all broadcast networks and much of the video content on the web. But how much do you really know about captioning? Take the first-ever captioning trivia challenge to find out!

1. The first captioned news broadcast was captioned live by a trained stenographer just over 40 years ago.




2. A standard line of roll-up captioning can hold up to how many characters?

A) 22

B) 28

C) 32

D) 36


3. “Open captioning” is the same thing as “subtitling.”




4. A Realtime Captioner’s steno machine, which he or she uses to “write” realtime programming, has how many keys?

A) 10

B) 22

C) 26

D) None — all realtime captioning is done by voice recognition software.


How’d you do? Post your answers in the comments section, or just check back next week for the answers!

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