Are You Making Your Stadium Accessible
to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Fans?

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Whether you’re creating accessible sporting events, concerts, speeches, conventions, shows, or anything else, there’s a way to include everyone. Don’t let ADA requirements throw you a curveball. Throw a hail Mary for accessibility and start captioning your event-center programming. With lawsuits for accessibility becoming more common by the day, we thought we’d share with you some of the perks of captioning your stadium events.

The DOJ has indicated in past lawsuits that what is announced over the PA system include captioning, such as:

  • All play descriptions, scoring, and player information
  • Referee and penalty announcements
  • In-game promotions, contests, and entertainment action
  • Advertising and commercials
  • Emergency messaging
  • Song lyrics
  • End-of-game announcements and next-event information

By captioning your events in these spaces, not only do you account for the deaf and hard of hearing, but those times when the crowd may drown out PA announcements or any of the hundreds of other distractions pulling for attention. The solution is simple: meet federal requirements, broaden your audience, serve your fans, and relax.

VITAC, the country’s largest provider of closed captioning services, is ready to help you meet ADA requirements and bring the country inclusive games and events.

Our exclusive Even Center Solution connects our skilled employee captioners with your scoreboard, ribbon board, and/or in-stadium CCTV system. We also stream captions to a URL, allowing your fans to access the captions on their mobile phones or tablets. Join the over 50 teams and stadiums creating inclusive experiences for everyone in attendance. Brenda Nowicki, VP Sales, is our Event Center Expert and has helped the Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and Colorado Rockies make their games accessible, among others. Reach her at to learn more about our exclusive offering and low-priced solutions.

Why Your Company Should be Captioning its Video Content

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In the digital age, content is king. YouTube alone generates 72 hours of new video every minute, and captioned video should be the first weapon in the corporate arsenal to cut through the noise and reach your audience. Captioned videos allow web crawlers to index the transcripts, thereby boosting SEO and ranking content higher in search results.

Anyone within the company using video to communicate—be it through webinars, conference calls, all-hands meetings, town halls, or external marketing efforts—can benefit from all closed captions offer. Amplifying engagement through captioned content is the cornerstone of giving employees every tool at a company’s disposal for success. The same goes for external marketing materials, be they televised or through the many online platforms. Captioned video holds a viewer’s attention longer. In a recent study, Facebook found that “captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12%.” Facebook is also a platform prone to public, muted use, and without closed captions, videos posted become virtually meaningless.

Autocaptions don’t work, especially for the complex, terminology-dense content corporations work with. VITAC has solutions ready to enhance all your corporate video content, so be sure to check out our processes for webinar captioning, conference captioning, and global-reach subtitling today.

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Caption Files for Web Videos

Captioning videos on popular web platforms such as Facebook and YouTube is easy. Captioned Web videos are…

  • Searchable: YouTube captions are searchable – accurate VITAC captions will connect people with your video and improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results.
  • Accessible: Captions expand your audience – your captioned web video reaches people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or in a quiet environment – and satisfy Section 508 and ADA requirements.

With VITAC, it’s a simple process:

  1. Upload your video to VITAC’s easy and secure file upload site. We accept just about any format.
  2. VITAC will create a 100% accurate caption file, either from scratch or by reformatting a caption file created for the television broadcast.
  3. VITAC sends you the .SRT caption file with the quickest turnarounds in the industry. You may upload the captions to YouTube or other platform. If using YouTube, once the .SRT is uploaded, YouTube will then time the captions to be synchronous with the audio. YouTube’s timing is much better than their auto-transcription!

Don’t leave it to the auto captions! See an example of one of our .SRT files uploaded to YouTube below. Make sure to click the “CC” icon to ensure the captions are on!

Contact us today, or request a quote for your web video or series.


New iTunes Requirement: Content Must Have CC


Do you produce video content for distribution in the iTunes store? If so, there is a new requirement for any and all content: Videos must include closed captioning and/or subtitles.

The rule is in effect now and applies in the following ways:

  • Any television show episode in English must have closed captioning whether it aired on United States television or not.
  • Movies in English must have either closed captions, encoded subtitles, or both.
  • Movies or TV shows without English audio must have English subtitles.
  • Promotional and bonus material delivered to iTunes and live after June 30, 2015 must have closed captioning.
  • iTunes extras must have closed captioning or encoded subtitles.

This new stipulation took effect June 30, 2015, and as of July 1, iTunes began removing any content not compliant with their new regulations.

VITAC offers a quick turnaround solution for short form videos and can help make yours iTunes ready!

We also offer encoding and translation services in addition to our prerecorded captioning solutions.

Contact us for more details!

Take AdVANTAGE of Our New Solutions

VITAC media encoding suite, established in May 2004, continues to add state-of-the-art technical solutions for our customers. Our professional, full-time technicians have extensive experience with encoding and transcoding the myriad of file formats involved in caption production.We are proud to announce that we have recently integrated Vantage Lightspeed Servers into our operations. Using these powerful, scalable software-enabled media processing platforms, we’ve developed automated encode, transcode, and delivery workflows, improved efficiencies and developed new solutions for IP and broadcast video.

Recent offerings include:

  • Quick turnaround offline captioning + encoding for full-length programming in under 24 hours (MXF, VOD Compliant Transport Stream, Program Stream).
  • Integrated hot folders and APIs to speed transfer content to and from VITAC customers and departments. We can use our secure and encrypted FTP site, Apsera or Signiant software for file transfer.
  • Near-immediate captioning for large volumes of web clips and short videos.

Contact us today for more details!

Updated VITAC IP/Web Captioning Page

Mandates for IP and web captioning have changed, so we updated our IP/Web Captioning Service page on our website to reflect this!Along with realtime and offline solutions for Internet Protocol-(IP) delivered programming, we’ve now included our captioning solutions for IP-delivered clips of programs that originally aired on television. Clips on platforms such as YouTube will soon be required by the FCC to be captioned, so you can stay ahead of the game by contacting us for details.

Be sure to also check out our brand new IP Captioning Overview webpage. Here you’ll find important effective dates for the FCC regulations and important terms so you’ll know exactly which rules to follow.

VITAC Offers Realtime Solution for Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect has fast become one of the more popular online meeting, webinar and presentation platforms for businesses. Some of its features include audio and video conferencing, meeting recording, screen sharing, chat function, and polling.

If your company utilizes Adobe Connect for its information sharing, VITAC offers a realtime captioning solution for webinars and online meetings.

We also offer realtime captioning for other platforms such as WebEx, Google Hangout, and Sonic Foundry, and more.

Interested in captioning for your webinars and online business meetings? We can help you determine the solution that will make your live webcast accessible to your entire audience. Contact us today!

Updated VITAC Spanish Solutions Webpage

Spanish Captioning by VITAC

Spanish Captions

     An example of realtime Spanish captioning on Fox Deportes

Does your project require Spanish captioning, subtitling, or translation? VITAC offers many solutions for both realtime and prerecorded Spanish-language programming. We’ve updated our Spanish services webpage to include all of them!

If your program airs live and the master audio is in Spanish, our Spanish-language captioner listens to an audio line and creates the captions in realtime.

If your live program’s audio is in English, but requires Spanish captions, a translator listens and translates for our captioner in realtime. We also provide this service for Spanish audio programming requiring English captions.

VITAC can also provide live English and Spanish captions simultaneously for the same program utilizing the CC1 and CC3 caption fields. Both languages can be routed to a single stream to one encoder or to multiple encoders.

For prerecorded programming, our Spanish captioners can create captions and/or subtitles for you from the master audio in any language.

And now, VITAC offers Spanish Audio Dubbing, often referred to as Secondary Audio Programming or SAP. We create a Spanish audio track for English-language programming using professional narrators. The track then is mixed, mastered and timed with the video. Viewers can choose when watching between the English and Spanish audio.

For more details, visit our new, improved, and updated Spanish services page, or contact us.

VITAC Clip Captioning Solutions

What is a Clip?

The FCC defines clips in two different categories:

  • A single excerpt clip is any portion of a longer piece of programming from broadcast television, whether it’s from a show, sporting event, or news broadcast. These are also referred to as “direct lift clips,” or “straight lift clips”.
  • A montage clip is any combination of single excerpt clips from the same program, a series, or multiple programs. For example, a “best of,” or highlight reel could be considered a montage.

What are the rules for captioning if you’re uploading a clip to the web?

Did your program air on television with pre-recorded captions?

  • Effective January 1, 2016, the FCC will require any single excerpt clip from a program that originally aired with captions on television when delivered via Internet Protocol (IP) to have captions.
  • On January 1, 2017, montage clips from programming originally captioned on television delivered via IP will also be required to have captioning.

Did your program air live or near-live with captions?

  • Starting July 1, 2017, any clip of a program that aired live and subsequently delivered via IP must be captioned within 12 hours of its first broadcast on television and any clip of a program captioned near-live must be captioned on the web within 8 hours of its first broadcast on television.

VITAC Solutions:

VITAC can make sure you comply with these regulations.

  • We can create caption files for clips in as little as 15 minutes from scratch. Simply upload your video asset to our secure and encrypted FTP site. We’ll transcribe, create the captions, export it in your requested format, and deliver it to you.
  • We can also create a caption file for a clip from the original program’s timecoded caption file. Send us a video of your clip via our FTP site. We’ll sync the corresponding captions from the file to the video and send it back in the requested format.

For more information, contact us.

IP-Ready and Enhanced IP-Ready Files

This past Wednesday, Darryn Cleary, VITAC’s senior VP of sales teamed up with Andrew Sachs of Volicon and Chad Rounsavall of Nexidia to present at this year’s PBS TechCon in Las Vegas. The focus of the presentation was to give an overview of the FCC’s Caption Quality Best Practices and the caption solutions available to help caption vendors and video programmers comply with the regulations.

One of VITAC’s focuses in the presentation was delivering quality captions for shows uploaded to the web after being broadcast live. In January of 2012, the FCC released a Report and Order that set new requirements for captioning of Internet Protocol (IP) delivered programming. If a video programmer has a program that was live or near-live to be distributed via IP after air, VITAC is able to create an IP-ready file or an enhanced IP-ready file.

If our clients’ IP-delivered video will match the original broadcast video exactly, an IP-ready file is created. The realtime captioner’s file will be converted and sent to our client within 4 hours of the original air of the program.

If our client would like us to remove commercial breaks and blacks to match the edited IP video exactly, an enhanced IP-ready file is created from the realtime captioner’s file and a proxy video sent to us from the client. The two are synced up, timed perfectly and sent back to the client within 4 hours after delivery of the proxy video to VITAC.

For more information, click here or contact us.