Assembling Accessible Graduations


Tis the season for graduation! It is that time again; annual academic graduation ceremonies are among us. Captioning can be an important part of education for people who are deaf/hard of hearing. It is all about the accessibility and equality for people who are deaf/hard of hearing, especially during times of academic acknowledgment, such as graduations. Captioning in these instances provide accessibility and involvement for the rest of the public, including the students.


Why Do It?

  • Almost 100% of students in the United States agree that closed captioning helps in the learning process.
  • Closed captioning is helpful to people who do not know the English language that well.
  • Increases retention, ability to read what was said in case it was missed somehow, and is a reference for visual learners.

How To Do It?

VITAC’s Event Center offering provides the perfect solution for large ceremonies.  We can connect to any large event center stream, add captions to your video and even send caption direct to a link to be accessed by phones or laptops.

Video of Captioning for Graduations

  • Captioning graduations is one of our many specialties. The video below shows how captioning in special events such as graduations proves to be helpful.


Captioning in education makes a difference in the students’ lives. Captioning educational videos in the classroom aids in a higher retention rate, which can promote a better understanding of the material.


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