‘Access’ is in our Name: Accessibility is our Game


VITAC is no stranger to accessibility features. Since being founded in 1986, our company has had one mission — to provide high-quality and reliable accessibility services. Our name speaks to this goal. Coming from the words “vital” and “access,” “VITAC” encompasses our commitment to the field. Our deep-rooted experience means you can always count on us to provide the services and support you need.

We’re even involved in shaping accessibility policies. Tim Taylor, Bob Beyer and Heather York, all served as part of the FCC’s Video Program Accessibility Advisory Committee (VPAAC). The Committee was tasked with developing recommendations on matters pertaining to IP Closed Captioning, Video Description, Access to Emergency Information and User Interface Accessibility. The group covered everything from the new IP closed captioning requirements to ensuring access to accessibility features on devices. The following video is a perfect example of accessibility features at work.

Tommy Edison, a blind film critic, has been blind his whole life. He demonstrates how iPhone’s accessibility features help him navigate an array of applications on his phone. From Twitter to YouTube, Tommy isn’t hindered by any glitches or obstacles.

Let’s hear it for accessibility features!

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