The FCC Caption Quality Best Practices require realtime live captioning vendors… “Ensure there is an infrastructure that provides technical and other support to video programmers and captioners at all times,”  and VITAC’s investment in technology and infrastructure demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Quality captions are about more than just quality captioners. In order to create accurate, timely, synchronous, and properly placed captions, a caption vendor must rely not only on an established, tested, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, but also invest in staff to ensure equipment, captioners, and programmers are supported on a daily basis. Our customers don’t need to stress about the reliability of VITAC’s technical components. Our dedicated systems and engineering departments work tirelessly to keep up with all of the elements needed to produce the highest quality captions. Our support staff, software, and hardware include:

  • Production Coordinators: Our team of production coordinators works 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is responsible for on-air continuity of over 600 hours of captioning every day. They are by the phone at all times, not only to troubleshoot any technical issues that could occur, but to field phone calls from networks about any breaking news or emergency weather coverage. This production team is highly trained in standard operating procedures for all customers and works quickly to ensure captions return to air promptly.
  • Engineering Staff: Our engineering team supports our company hardware by resolving technical issues and maintaining equipment. Also available 24/7, the team is committed to keeping VITAC up and running. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring all equipment at VITAC is operational.
  • IT and Systems Staff:Our systems and IT team supports our network infrastructure, software development, and information technology systems. They, like the engineering staff, are readily available to assist and provide support to our customers. They work closely with caption software vendors and clients on everything from realtime IP delivery of video, audio, and captions, to developing solutions allowing captioners to switch on-air without losing captions to network security.
  • IP and Encoder Captioning Capability: All of VITAC’s realtime captioners have the capability to not only caption via modem, but to connect and deliver captions via IP. VITAC boasts the ability to use either, or a combination of both. Both modes of captioning are reliable, and rarely disconnects the captioner from the network.
  • Satellite and Audio Feeds: Through a combination of satellite receivers, off-air antennas, audio backups, and signal distribution, VITAC has access to receive and monitor virtually any program airing internationally, nationally, or regionally. We possess a proprietary system in which these satellite feeds are able to be routed to all of our captioners via an IP connection so the captioned broadcasts can be monitored in real time. Audio telephone lines directly from video programmers can be used in conjunction with satellite feeds, or independently when satellite is not available.
  • Redundant Equipment: Having redundant equipment allows for the utmost consistency and superior realtime and offline captions. All captioners have the same computer setups and encoder/IP settings. This consistency allows for easy troubleshooting by our support staff, should a problem arise. All captioners are trained on identical captioning and placement software, which allows for captions to be constantly created in the same method.
  • Backup Power: VITAC headquarters features an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).  The UPS powers all core critical electrical equipment and allows VITAC to function normally for up to 30 minutes in a total power loss. In that 30 minutes, the backup diesel-powered generator powers up. With this plan in place, captions will not be interrupted, even for a second.
  • Telecom Platform: VITAC’s robust telecom platform allows for further redundancy, with multiple circuits for voice/dial tone and internet connectivity. Both systems include extensive, regularly tested backup paths to ensure that captioning can continue without interruption.

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