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Once, there were two guys with a big idea: give millions of deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers better ways to watch television. Fast-forward over 27 years to VITAC today with over 320 of the top people in the industry, the most advanced technology, and a different idea — taking the hassle out of creating accessible video.

VITAC handles 220,000 hours of realtime captioning and delivers more than 57,000 offline projects annually, and we track performance every day. Here are the facts:

  • On time delivery: 99.9% delivery within the hour requested.
  • On-air uptime: 99.9% on air realtime with no outage.
  • Availability: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year our service experts handle your calls.
  • Accuracy: Offline captions and subtitles are checked and double-checked to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • FCC Compliance: VITAC complies with all new FCC Caption Quality Best Practices.
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