VITAC is the largest provider of closed captioning in the country, responsible for realtime captioning of over 260,000 hours of live TV programming per year, and creating verbatim, precisely timed captions for 31,000 hours of prerecorded programs per year. Our customers include every major network, most cable channels, program producers, corporations, government agencies, and more.

No matter your size, you can be assured when you choose VITAC you will be guaranteed:

  • On-time delivery: 99% delivery of your offline or prerecorded project within the requested hour.
  • On- air uptime: 99% on-air live realtime captioning tracked and reported on a daily basis.
  • Availability: 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, our service experts handle your calls.
  • FCC compliance: VITAC complies with all FCC Caption Quality Best Practices for accuracy, synchronicity, completeness, and placement.

VITAC was founded in 1986 by two men with one big idea: produce the best-quality realtime captions for viewers who rely on captions.  Fast-forward 30 years, and that big idea is still the same, with more services and customers growing year after year.  Providing Vital Access is in our name and is our mission. Let us show you why we are called the “no worries” caption company, with accessible media solutions for every industry from web captioning to Spanish subtitling to audio description.

Request a quote for your project today, or contact us with any questions.